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Our collections are all about women, empowerment, sensibility, beauty, and friendship. 


We occasionally issue limited editions. All pieces are printed at a size of 20 x30 cm (approximately 7.8 x 11.8 inches) and 50 x 70 cm (approximately 19.7 x 27.6 inches), signed and numbered by the artist.


Other illustrations and larger sizes can be printed; please send a message requesting  more information.

Vintage women collection

The precursors of the feminist movement were daring, humorous, and fearless. Stylish, they are the perfect inspiration for new goals and projects.

Get to know some of these wonderful women!

Turban collection

Turbans have many meanings beyond the aesthetic accessory. They can also symbolize power, beauty and identity in some African cultures.

Beauty Profile
From 49,90 €
From 49,90 €
From 49,90 €

Dance collection

Dancing is a way of freeing yourself, of living your emotions intensely, of knowing yourself. Dance is power.

From 49,90 €
From 49,90 €
From 49,90 €

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