Team work

What a pleasure to work together with brilliant and competent team! The custom illustration for the Berlin School of Creative Leadership was one of those rewarding experiences!


The idea was making a special thing for the graduates taking home a memory of the course with the face of Berlin. For that, I used digital clippings of graffiti of the Berlin Wall remnant that remains in the Mauerpark, both in the background and in the highlight.


Marília Lobo and Susann Schronen coordinated all development; We have tested many different solutions, including azimuthal maps and wings to try to represent students' journey in the course across the four cities of the globe, where the modules are held: Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai and Bekerley. In the end, we decided on the hybrid brain-heart design, but it was not graphically well resolved yet.


Here comes the genius designer Priscila Selmo (responsible for the institution's visual identity) and has the definitive idea that saves everything: replace the map (which was very low in pregnancy because of the background) with the lines of an electrocardiogram that represented The skyline of cities. She even drew the skyline (no time for me to research and draw) and handed me the finished file.


The phrase “Be curious. Be fearless. Be a creative leader ”was Priscila's elegant way of placing the school logo (the spirals, or ring fires, that appear as markers) without hurting the aesthetics.


The work always gets better with genius and generous people in the team! I am so grateful to have the chance to work with these wonderful women. I hope the students like it!

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