Special Jobs · 29. July 2019
What a pleasure to work together with brilliant and competent team! The custom illustration for the Berlin School of Creative Leadership was one of those rewarding experiences! The idea was making a special thing for the graduates taking home a memory of the course with the face of Berlin. For that, I used digital clippings of graffiti of the Berlin Wall remnant that remains in the Mauerpark, both in the background and in the highlight. Marília Lobo and Susann Schronen coordinated all...
exhibition · 02. May 2019
We would like to invite you and your friends to the Exhibition BERLINERIN by Ligia Fascioni. VERNISSAGE Friday 31. May 2019 at 19 h Oslo Kaffebar Eichendorffstraße, 13 • 10115 Berlin Pocket Show by Juliana Stavizki & Alisson Cardoso Beyond B Musik | @beyondbmusik Exhibition duration: 31. May to 30. June 2019 Mon-Fri: 8 bis 19 h • Sat-Sun: 10 bis 18 h You are welcome!!!
video · 10. March 2018
We use Photos of the Berlin Wall as a background in these images in order to link history together with women.
Magazine · 26. December 2017
We are very happy to receive the last issue of Latterly Magazine (Winter 2017/18). The cover was illustrated by us and features the portrait of Berta Cáceres, a Honduran activist with an incredible life story, murdered at age 44. The background of the illustration is rough and hard, as her life. The colour palette is based on plants and soil because the woman was an environmental activist.